Energy Conversion and Management (ECM)

Project Planning of Energy Facilities

Teaching Methods Lecture/Seminar/Lab
Learning objectives / competencies

Energy facilities must be looked on having technical, economical, legislative and operational requirements in mind, which according to the long life time of the facilities eventually change several times, e.g. because of changing emission and/or safety standards, etc. The students learn about the impact of such changes and are able to anticipate proper reaction to future developments by means of a business game.
Designing of energy facilities is complex and therefore supported by Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Tools instead of building plant models in small scale. The students learn about the application of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in project planning of energy facilities, especially about object-oriented tools, which support processes lasting from first design until delivery of parts.

Duration 1
Hours per week 8.0
Classes 120
Individual / Groupwork 120
Workload 240
ECTS 8.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

homework + presentation + oral exam

Responsbile person

Prof. Dr. Jens Pfafferott

Max. participants 25
Recommended semester ECM 3
Frequency Annually (ws)

Planung und Betrieb energietechnischer Anlagen

Type Vorlesung
Nr. M+V3044
Hours per week 4.0
Lecture contents

1. Introduction
2. Legislative background (BGB, contracts)
3. Requirements to obtain permission
4. Operation of power plants
5. Economic boundaries
6. Communication
7. Documentation
8. Trends in power plant technology


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Planspiel Projektierung

Type Vorlesung
Nr. M+V3045
Hours per week 4.0
Lecture contents

The students work in groups (max. 5 people). After a brief introduction the groups pick up specific projects. Each project contains several problems (e.g. technical, environmental, economic problem). During the seminar the student describe the progress of their projects and make proposal how to overcome the problems. The seven workshop days are under the following headlines:
1) introduction 2) project definition 3) project approval (economics, finances, technical hurdles 4) first design 5) detailed design (selected aspects) 6) from start of construction to start of operation 7) Final presentation.


Handouts from the lecturer.