Scientific Skills

Teaching methods Lecture/seminar
Learning target

The students are able to perform systematically literature research. They are able to develop a structure for a scientific paper based on argumentation models. The student are aware of standards in scientific writing and apply them when writing own papers.
Within the language part of the module students, who are not native German speakers, shall become proficient in German. Depending on their pre-knowledge those students should at least take "Deutsch als Fremdsprache 3 (DaF3)". Students, who are already proficient in German, shall first use the language courses to get proficient in English. Following that, students might choose other languages.

Duration 1 Semester
Hours per week 3.0
  • Classes:45 h
  • Individual/
    Group work:75 h

  • Workload:120 h
ECTS 4.0
Requirements for awarding credit points

written exam (90 minutes) + homework

Responsible person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Treffinger

Max. participants 25
Recommended semester ECM 1
Frequency Annually (ws)
Lectures Pflichtfach Sprache 1
Type Lecture/seminar
Nr. SZ102
Hours per week 2.0
Lecture contents

Students will have to choose a language course from the official course list that is offered each semester by the language center.

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
Type Lecture/seminar
Nr. M+V3042
Hours per week 1.0
Lecture contents

1. Introduction
2. Literature Research in Science
3. Structure and Contents of Scientific Papers, Thesis, etc.
- Dialectic Three-Step, Toulmin Model of Argument
4. Wording in Scientific Papers
5. Important Elements in Scientific Papers
-Figures, -Tables, -References
6. Case Study: Writing a Scientific Paper (Therefore a current topic in the energy sector is given in the frame of the mandatory lecture Energy
Economics 1.
Working on the topic is acknowledged in Energy Economics 1 with 1 C!)


BLIEFERT, C., EBEL, H.F., RUSSEY, W.E.: The Art of Scientific Writing. 2nd Edition. Weinheim : WILEY-VHC Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 2004.
TOULMIN, ST: The Uses of Argument. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge Univ. Press, 1958.

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