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Student Testimonials

Rohish Kalvit

Fichtner Ingenieure, Stuttgart

Energy Conversion & Management (ECM) is a combination of technical knowledge and management skills where at the end of two years a person evolves as a very good energy engineer sufficing the demand in today's energy market. In this course one gets to learn wide variety of subjects from energy economics, power plant engineering, renewable energies, energy management to project management, energy business case study, language and soft skills. 

Its combination of a compulsary internship and then a master thesis gives students from outside countries a chance to work in German companies and get an understanding of the energy market here. The industrial excursions and project group work throughout the whole semester are added benefits of this course.

Besides, studying in Offenburg give students the possibility of establishing contact with collegues from all around the world, which is an added value. Another plus of the master is the chance to live on a base-day close contact with German society and learn from the German culture and people, which is like a key for an overall development. My internship and now my thesis is in the field of energy management and I would like to make my career in this direction. 

Satya Gopisetty

Offenburg University

Having shown keen interest in the field of energy system techniques during my bachelor’s thesis, my supervisor Mr. K. Iyyapan (who also happens to be the alumni of ECM) at Chemical Engineering Division of Central Leather Research Institute Chennai, India had advised me to take up master’s program in Energy Conversion and Management at Offenburg University.

This had set the platform for me to pursue master’s in ECM and explore the technicalities related to energy systems and conversion techniques. The course work also includes Europe’s liberalized energy markets, energy trading and energy management. Apart from this, the substantial elements to consider are the avenues it offers during the laboratory hours, scientific project and master’s thesis. 

I have had the opportunity of passing my scientific project at RWE Power AG, Essen and master’s thesis at Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg which exposed me to the R&D field coupled with the business angle of energy sector. 

I feel fortunate for having studied ECM at Offenburg University which had opened up doors to pursue PhD titled “Signal theoretic system theory for the optimization of distributed systems” under the supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Treffinger and Prof. Dr. L.M.Reindl in collaboration with Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Offenburg University and Fraunhofer Institute. 

Well, if you put the specialized details aside, there’s lot more happening in Deutschland - explore! 

Daniel Jödicke

Energy Consultant, ECG, Kehl

From 2007 until 2009 I was a student enrolled in the study program Energy Conversion & Management at Offenburg University. At that time the program was in a restructuring phase and consequently some of the planned courses were not available. In spite of this however, I was impressed by the study program.

In addition to a balanced mix of course offerings the program also emphasized a balanced social environment. The participation of many international students helped to create an intensive bond between students that extended beyond the classroom. The lectures offered a good overview of technical fundamentals in fields such as renewable energy and energy technology. The additional management courses provided comprehensive insight into the energy sector, increasing the number of opportunities students will have in their future job searches. 

The majority of the lectures are given in English, enabling all students to communicate and participate in the classes. The lectures that are offered in German provide a good introduction for foreign students interested in internships or scientific projects in Germany. German students have an option to complete the master's thesis abroad. 

The reorganization of the study program and the availability of courses has made the program even more appealing than it was a few years ago. I am glad I chose this international study program and enthusiastically recommend the program to interested students. 

Carlos Flores-Cadena

SCM Product Manager, Siemens Wind Power A/S

Field of research/interest: Wind Energy Economics
Master thesis: Application of probabilistic models in the optimization of windpark energy costs using Montecarlo simulation

As scholarship-holder, ECM was one of the few programs that DAAD recommended me to study energy from the technical and economical point of view. Having worked before, the practical -oriented program was a very important criteria in my decision and helped me to build the skills to get a position in a leading energy company after my graduation. The city is very friendly as well as the staff of the university.

Rafael Gomez

Power Generation Portfolio Manager, EVO AG

I am class 2010 from ECM program. I think that the master gives a good scope of the different technologies to generate energy with the plus of management knowledge. Moreover, several professors come directly from the industry with real work experience and examples. One must also be prepared to move from city to city, which is not always easy. Nevertheless, the life experience and all the things that one can learn here with the Master are worth while.

Parantapa Sawant

The course Energy Conversion and Management offers a perfect mixture of techno-commercial aspects of different Energy Systems over the entire value chain. It offers the students a possibility to develop their future in any aspect of the power generation and distribution sector. With the help of advanced tools and techniques and lectures from highly qualified professors and industry professionals this course achieves the objective of forming a strong platform for the students to rise in their particular field of interest. The graduate school through its various activities for foreign students insures a perfect inter-cultural exchange and active learning environment for the students. On a personal note I can hardly imagine a better blend of education, culture, friends and fun, then the one offered at Offenburg University.

Parantapa completed his Master's Thesis at the German Aerospace Center's Department of Energy System Analysis in Stuttgart

José David Martinez

This master gave me one approach to understand the generation and use of energy in many aspects, from the generation to the economic point of view. I gained also a better perspective regarding the importance of a balanced energy generation. From a personal point of view, studying in Offenburg is a fantastic experience which gave me a lot of experiences and friends.

José David was writing his Master´s thesis at Siemens VAI and is currently working with the same company as project engineer

Leyla Topal

Decreasing fossil fuel sources and the increasing energy demand of the world directed me to search an energy related course. Therefore, I applied to the Offenburg University ECM department consisting of management and engineering related lectures given by expert professors in their fields. This program  is  also  supported  by  additional  and  industry  related  compact  courses  given  by professionals from big companies. Furthermore, working in worldwide big companies during two  semesters  of  this  study  program  is  a  significant  advantage  to  have experience  before graduation.  I had my scientific project in Daimler AG in the fuel cells field and currently was writing my master thesis in the same department of the company. 

All  personal  of  Offenburg University  from  professors  to  secretaries  are  so  friendly  and  support students in every issues which makes life quite easy here. Thanks to this study program, I met with a lot of people from everywhere of the world and learned their cultures. I can say by heart that I had great time during my study in OG and wish you the same.

Leyla completed her Master's thesis at  Daimler AG and is now working with Next Energy in Oldenburg

Tobias Rösch

After finishing my bachelor, I took the decision that it would be the best for my career perspectives to study a master program specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the energy branch. When I made that decision I visited several universities to have a look on the different programs they offer.

The personal consultancy that was offered to me by the head of the study program then helped me to make my decision to study in Offenburg. It was the combination of the technical aspects, economical aspects skills and the international atmosphere that made my mind to come to Offenburg and study Energy Conversion and Management.

Now since I'm working I can say it was the right decision to study Energy Conversion and Management in Offenburg.

Christian Scholz

Fichtner Ingenieure, Stuttgart

ECM war die beste Entscheidung, die ich getroffen habe.
Mir hat ECM sehr gut weitergeholfen. Fachliche und interkulturelle Kompetenz wurden definitiv vermittelt. Ich würde es jedem wieder empfehlen.
Bei Fichtner kann ich sehr viel gebrauchen von dem was ich bei ECM gelernt habe. Für mich persönlich kann ich mir ECM nicht besser vorstellen.

Abraham Rafael Villarreal Zavala

My opinion about the program is that it is highly competitive. During two years I visited lectures and worked for companies in the energy field. This way, I acquired knowledge and developed skills, which allow me to successfully take part in the global energy market. Therefore, at the end of the program, I am convinced that investing time, effort and money in completing this program, was the best decision I could have made.

David Villamil Ochoa

Enercon GmbH, Aurich

ECM is undoubtedly the best choice I have taken until now.
I got involved in the wind energy sector thanks to this Master´s program background. I gained the required skills to be a competent engineer in the area of my interest.
It was an awesome experience (02.09.2011 – 19.10.2013). All the time I spent at the Hochschule Offenburg was worth it in the end.

Sofia Aleksandrova

Product Manager for the inspection tools in oil and gas, Rosen Technology and Research Center GmbH

I'm definitely very proud to be one of the ECM alumni. This program gave me a good chance to find myself: to find out my professional way. ECM is a good mix of technical and management courses, this is exactly what is highly appreciated in companies.
I would like to say big "thank you" to all professors of this program as well as for the coordinator Alexandra, who was very friendly and helpful during the whole study time.