What are the admission criteria for the ECM Master's degree program?

Academic Excellence: Your Bachelor’s final grade should be at least 70% of the best possible grade.

Proof of English proficiency: Either TOEFL, 550 and higher (PBT), 213 and higher (CBT) or IELTS 6.0 and higher (does not apply to native speakers of English)
Proof of German proficiency: Goethe Institut Grundstufe II or 400 hours (does not apply to native speakers of German)

A technical background is strongly recommended (e.g., B.Sc. in Engineering)

Deadline: Your application for the winter semester should have been submitted online through OASIS (in exceptional cases, per post) before 30 April each year.   

Find further details under Admission Requirements.

Who should start an ECM M.Sc. course?

Energy Conversion and Management is directed at students whose technical background, environmental concern, and global thinking skills are meant to face the economical challenges and technical demands of the growing energy market.

What happens if I cannot submit my proof of English/German language skills until 30 April?

It is not necessary to prove your English and German proficiencies at the time of your application (your application will still be taken into account by the selection committee). However, it is absolutely essential to do so BEFORE starting the study program in October.

Should you be selected for the program, your admission will be provisional – and turned into a final admission only after providing the missing and necessary documents (in October by the latest).

What are the chances on the labor market after graduating?
The true aim of our program is to educate excellent engineers and managers. Our graduates can look forward to excellent work prospects in companies in their home country and abroad.

Do you offer any jobs or assistantships to Master's students at your institution?

It is possible to work part-time as a tutor in a project coordinated by one of our professors and/or take a part-time job somewhere else for up to 4 months per year; note that knowledge of German is often required to get a job off-campus. During the fourth semester (Master's thesis), you can expect to receive remuneration for your work (at ca. 400-800 € per month).


How is the ECM program organized?

The MSc in Energy Conversion and Management is a 3-4 semester full-time program. It starts in the Winter Semester and has a total of 90 / 120 credits.

Among the several courses proposed for the ECM program, some are mandatory and others elective. Mandatory courses form the core part of the program. Elective courses can be taken according to the individual student's area of specialization and/or interest.

Please find further details under Curriculum.


How much does it cost to study in the ECM Master Program?

There are four fees to be paid every semester which include:

  • State administration fee, €60
    This fee does not need to be paid by exchange students or non-degree seeking students from partner universities.
  • Student support fee, €46
    This fee contributes to the student cafeteria, student residences, counseling services, student book store and other services offered by the "Studentenwerk".
  • Fees for the so-called "Verfasste Studierendenschaft", the student-government body, €18
  • Service contribution, €150
    This fee is charged each semester for ongoing services of the Graduate School, such as liability insurance, assistance in finding accommodation, buddy program, events and excursions, and is only obligatory for students enrolled in an international Master's degree program.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION on upcoming tuition fees for international students!!!
!!! Please note that the government of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in which Offenburg is located, plans to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students from winter term 2017/18, amounting to € 1500 per semester, in addition to the current fees. Please take this into account when planning your financial affairs. !!!: