Pedro Bignon Santibañez, Chile, ECM Alumnus 2016

After some years working as an engineer, I realized that I had to go one step forward and get into a field that is of the highest relevance nowadays: renewable energies and energy management... and what a better place is there to learn about it than in Germany, a country that it is focused on cleaning its energy matrix? The ECM program at Offenburg University offers a study course evenly balanced between technical and economic aspects of energy generation and distribution, which perfectly prepared me for my current job in the solar field.

But student life is not about studying only: Offenburg and the Ortenau region provide a quiet and relaxing environment, and as a foreigner, you will create strong bonds with people from all around the world; this while learning German at the University and with your new German friends. Also, the University organizes amazing activities for its international students: You will meet amazing people, visit beautiful places, and have tons of fun.

André da Silva de Abreu , Brazil, MPE Alumnus 2015

After some years working in the Oil and Gas industry in Brazil I decided to change the course of my career and look for qualification in the area of renewable energy. Among all suitable courses I chose the program Master of Process Engineering (MPE) at Offenburg University.

The study program comprises exactly what I was looking for: a major focus on biofuel technologies. Nevertheless, the MPE program is not limited to biofuels. It also offers a strong background in biotechnology and other important subjects essential for process engineers, such as process control, safety and environmental engineering.
The MPE teaching team is not only highly qualified but also always accessible to the students. The administrative staff is very helpful to the students. They organize several outdoor and cultural activities during the semester promoting the integration of the foreign students to the German way of life.
I feel very proud for being accepted and having completed the MPE program at Hochschule Offenburg. I am pretty sure that the course was crucial to help me find my current job position as a process engineer in an engineering company in Germany.
For all these reasons I would strongly recommend the MPE program to any student looking for a high level Master’s degree course in the area of process engineering."

Irene Gwokyalya, Uganda, CME Alumna 2014

The CME program is well structured to model all-round students:- not only for engineering studies, but also managerial, communication and creativity skills which are very essential and key in today's job market. The professors are very professional and approachable for clarifications.

The International Center and Senior Service play a great role for International students in terms of accommodation and orientation, so as for the students to settle in immediately and focus on the study program.

Mohamed Hanbal, Egypt, IBC Alumnus 2012

In 2010 I left a reputable job with a high salary and emigrated to Germany to pursue an MBA in International Business Consulting at Offenburg University.

It was a hard decision, but it really paid off. From day 1 at Offenburg University I felt the kindness and support of the people. I saw clearly that almost everyone at the University was trying to help.

And by the time I was about to graduate, I had already a job contract signed, and a position waiting for me.

Parantapa Sawant, India, ECM Alumnus 2012

The course Energy Conversion and Management offers a perfect mixture of techno-commercial aspects of different energy systems over the entire value chain. It offers the students a possibility to develop their future in any aspect of the power generation and distribution sector.With the help of advanced tools and techniques and lectures from highly qualified professors and industry professionals, this course achieves the objective of forming a strong platform for the students to rise in their particular field of interest.

The graduate school through its various activities for foreign students insures a perfect intercultural exchange and active learning environment for the students. On a personal note I can hardly imagine a better blend of education, culture, friends and fun, then the one offered at HS Offenburg.

Panos Pramangioulis, Greece, IBC Alumnus 2012

By conducting a research on finding the appropriate master program for me, I was sure that IBC was the only program, which would be able to provide me with the necessary consulting knowledge, experience and tools, in order to make the difference within a highly competitive labor market.

The professionalism and the experience-sharing from the faculty members, as well as the international character of the class and the chance to put the theory into practice on real case studies, were those characteristics, which proved me that I made the right choice to apply and attend the IBC program.

Supasuda Assawajaruwan, Thailand, MPE Alumna 2013

After I have graduated the Master of Process Engineering (MPE) program at University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, I can say that it is the right choice for me. I have gained a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge which I am sure that it will support my future career and further study. Not only academic knowledge, but I also learned various cultures from other international students which it is not easy to find in other Universities. In the second semester, this program is the part of ERASMUS program and I had a good opportunity to study at University of Warmia and Masury, Poland which was such a good experience to see another side, and culture in Europe. The environment of both Universities is really comfortable to study and live. Besides, it was a good chance for me to learn German with native speakers during studying. The part that I like most of this program is that it is flexible for students to do their thesis outside University. Particularly, in Germany, many companies and institutes give a chance for students to do a thesis with them which is a huge opportunity for students to get a job in the future.

Fabian Haitz, Germany, MPE Alumnus 2011

After earn­ing my Bach­e­lor’s de­gree in process en­gi­neer­ing at Of­fen­burg Uni­ver­sity, it was an easy de­ci­sion to con­tinue with the Mas­ter’s de­gree program in process en­gi­neer­ing (MPE).

The MPE pro­gram al­lowed me to in­crease my tech­ni­cal knowl­edge and also to de­velop in­ter­cul­tural com­pe­tence due to close con­tact with pro­fes­sors, re­search staff, and fel­low stu­dents from all over the world (Poland, China, India, In­done­sia, Turkey …).

The se­mes­ter abroad at the Uni­ver­sity of Warmia and Mazury in Ol­sz­tyn (Poland) of­fers an ex­cel­lent op­por­tu­nity to learn more about aca­d­e­mic and cul­tural life in a for­eign coun­try.

Gökhan Yüksel, Turkey, CME Alumnus 2009

Doing my master thesis and an internship in a company was a great opportunity for me to get some working experience in Europe. 

Compared to other regions of Germany, the Ortenau has a very warm climate. The beauty of the Black Forest is something you will never forget. And if you like to get in touch with the people of Offenburg, just go and meet them at the Senior Service Events. Members of the Senior Service speak German, but they will do it slowly for you. This is perfect to learn the German language. Additionally, these people can give you a lot of interesting information about their country and region, which you will definitely not find in the Internet.

Arturo Hernandez, Mexico, IBC Alumnus 2009

When I decided to study in Europe I thought: Germany is one of the most important countries in the world and one of the principal players in the European economic development, therefore, why not study in Germany?

My decision to choose the program International Business Consulting (IBC) of the Offenburg University was based on price and program. I did not have a scholarship and therefore I wanted to be sure that the time and money invested would bring some "return" for my professional career as well as for me as a person.

In the small town of Gengenbach, where the program takes place, you can find everything you need for your daily life; and in case you need something special, you can go to Offenburg (10 km) or Strasbourg (30 km) by train, bus, car or bike. The vineyards in this area are very beautiful and you can enjoy the landscape during all seasons of the year. The most beautiful it is during a sunny winter day with snow.

The MBA program IBC fulfilled my expectation and I can 100% recommend it. I met nice classmates and a wonderful staff. The MBA was my green card for German companies. Offenburg University is not one of the biggest, but in Germany you don't need to be in one of the "Top 5 universities" to be recognized. Don't forget the stamp 'Made in Germany'.

I am now living in Germany since August 2007 and so far it is has been a wonderful experience. Right now, I'm working for the company Bayer, one of the TOP 5 chemical companies in the world, having the opportunity to develop my professional career and at the same time enjoy the free time with my family.

If I can help you sharing some of my experience in Germany, you can contact me:

Petar Hristov, Bulgaria, CME Alumnus 2007

"Offenburg is situated in one of the best regions in Germany, full of cultural and historical landmarks and the town itself provides perfect conditions for studying. The university has a high reputation and is constantly in the top of the German university classifications which is also due to the fact, that the master programs are very well structured and, what I really liked, very practice-oriented. 

What I particularly liked about CME is, that it is divided into three main streams - Telecommunication, Computer Sciences (SW & HW development) and Multimedia. This way, CME is very versatile and one can choose whatever suits best his/her interests. The program allows you to obtain a very broad profile.The lecturers are highly professional in their corresponding fields and professors are motivating the students to disclose their talent and to further develop and strengthen their abilities. This is something that I cherished most in my one a half year stay in Offenburg. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about where to study, do not hesitate to go to the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. You will have plenty of fun and will receive an excellent higher education, which is the springboard for a great business career."

Nangelly Silva Anzaldúa, Mexico, IBC Alumna 2006

I would never have imagined that I would study in Germany, but thanks to my university professor, I got the opportunity to study a semester of exchange and later to complete the entire IBC program.

Studying in Germany has been one of the best experiences of my life. I consider that Germany is the country that offers the most suitable conditions for a student, as well as more opportunities to reach a successful professional career.

The international experience offered by the IBC program have been key factors for my professional development. Today I have my own consulting firm and a very efficient work team, which allows me to be a wife and mother of two children.

Svetlana Reichrudel, Russia, CME Alumna 2004

To study at the University Offenburg is a great opportunity for international students to study for their future careers; but this is not the only reason why it is worthwile to study in one of the international programs of Offenburg: It is the experience of communicating with people from all over the world which makes studying in one of these programs so special. It is a unique opportunity to get to know people from other countries, their lifestyle, traditions. At the end you will understand the meaning of the word “world” in a completely different and much broader way.