Berufliche Perspektive

The modules in the master's degree program in MPE are designed to enhance and deepen students' knowledge the most important areas of process technology: chemical, thermal, mechanical, and biological engineering. 

In addition, students also aquire knowledge of scientific working methods, economics, and intercultural competence. In the practice oriented phase, students get to know at least one external institution. 

Graduates are well prepared for a career in civil service, private industry, or academics. For Process Engineering the Offenburg University does not offer an own PhD program, but there are limited options in joint projects with partner universities. 

Investigating possibilities

Places that our graduates are typically in demand:

  • the chemical industry
  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • biotechnology companies
  • medical companies
  • equipment and plant engineering companies
  • governmental and non-governmental regulatory companies
  • insurance companies
  • research institutes
  • institutions of higher education