Program Overview

Students in the Laboratory

In three semesters the master's degree program Process Engineering (MPE) equips students with an advanced knowledge in chemical and thermal process engineering and biotechnology.  Additionally, they receive important training in the intercultural competencies that are essential qualifications in process engineering's increasingly multicultural environment. 

The MPE program is operated jointly by Offenburg University in Germany and the University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) in Olsztyn in Poland. The curriculum provides for three semesters comprised of two semesters of theoretical study and one semester for writing a master's thesis. 

Winter semesters take place in Germany and summer semesters in Poland. The master's thesis can be written at either university, another institution, a research institute, or industrial enterprise at a location of your choice. 

Organization of the Program

The individual courses in the program are grouped into thematically related modules. A student will require three semesters to complete all the required modules (90 ECTS). The successful completion of all modules results in the granting of the degree "Master of Science in Process Engineering". 

The table below shows the modules, the subjects covered, and is arranged chronologically.  For a more detailed explanation of the study program structure and requirements please consult the Special Part of the Study Regulations relevant to MPE. 

Modules and Courses offered at Offenburg University

The modules and courses listed in the following table are generally offered at Offenburg University during the winter semester.

Please note that from the winter term 2019/20 the focus Biotechnical Processes (Module MPE-12) will no longer be offered due to the inauguration of the new master's programme Biotechnology.

Module Nr.
Module Name
Biotechnical Processes
Biotechnical Processes
Biotechnical Processes
Renewable Energy Conversion

Thermochemical Conversion Processes I
Thermochemical Conversion Processes II
Technical School Renewable Energy Conversion I
Technical School Renewable Energy Conversion II

Advanced Process Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Technical School Process Engineering
Water Processing
Plant Safety and Control
Safety Engineering
Process Control Engineering
Non-Technical Competences
Public Relations

Modules offered at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The modules listed in the following table are generally offered at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn during the summer semester. Students can choose between two modules:

Module Nr.
Module Name
Environmental Science and Biotechnology
Food Engineering

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis can be prepared at UWM or Offenburg University, or at any other suitable university, research institute or industrial company of the student's choice.

Module Nr.
Module Name
Master's Thesis

Master's Thesis
Presentation and Defence

Study Regulations

Every study program at the Offenburg University is defined and regulated as described in:

"Regulations concerning Study and Examinations (RSE) of the Offenburg University".

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Regular periods of study and structure of study
  • Modular Structure of Studies
  • Loss of Admission to the Degree Program, loss of the right to take
  • Examinations, Deadlines
  • General Rules of Admission
  • Examination Requirements
  • Oral Examinations
  • Seminar Papers and other written Assignments
  • Evaluation of Examination Results
  • Omission, Withdrawal, Deception, Irregularities
  • Passing and Failing an Examination

These study regulations consist of a general part and a special part.  The general part of the study regulations covers the topics common to all the masters programs. Each individual masters program has a special part that explains the regulations specific to its program. For legal purposes, only the German version of the "General Part of the Study Regulations" is binding. Links to both the general and the MPE specific parts of the study regulations are provided below: 


1) German version of the General part of the Regulations concering Study and Examinations (RSE)

1a) English translation of the General part of the Regulation concerning Study and Examinations (RSE)

2) MPE-specific part of the Regulations concering Study and Examinations (RSE) (mainly in English

3) German abbreviations used in the Regulations concering Study and Examinations (RSE)